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Sometimes texting is a pain because you want to spend time with that person, but you constantly have to have a stream of convo, you don’t get to have nice little silences, or get to look at each other, or just enjoy being in each others presence, you know what I’m saying?

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Things I Say While I'm Driving

Me: What the fuck are you doing. What. The fuck. Are you doing. Me: NICE BLINKER ASSHOLE. Me: Why the FUCK are we not even going to speed limit. Why. Me: I AM GOING TEN MILES PER HOUR OVER THE SPEED LIMIT WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT Me: Shit is that a cop? No. Me: Shit THAT is a cop. Me: /dinosaur screams/
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Welcome to Cardboard Box Office – our homemade creations of some of your favorite movie scenes built from some of our favorite domestic junk.

The project began after finding that we had accumulated both a lot of cardboard boxes (due to moving to a new country) and a baby (due to giving birth). With our social lives drastically altered we decided to find a way to make some of those housebound weekends a little more fun.

The costumes, props, and sets in Cardboard Box Office are created entirely out of everyday household items, toys, cardboard, and three individuals slowly losing their sanity. Enjoy!”

A+ parenting.

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Disney princesses and the fairy tale characters they are based off of

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No but seriously, tonic water is pretty much the best.

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going to college is great

getting married is great

having children is great

but implying that there’s something wrong with people who don’t want to do those things and that they’ll never feel fulfilled in life if they never do those things is not great

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The Modern-Day Princess - from the concept to the final product

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